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 If someone would have told me that I’d ever write a word about Michael Jackson on my website a month ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. The death of Michael had little to no affect on me, when I heard the news, I just assumed it was a hoax as I’ve been hearing about his comeback for some time and what a better way to “comeback” than from the dead. There’s still people who think Elvis faked his death, and from what I understand Michael was fascinated by the death of Elvis and spoke of it often.


The thing that freaked me out more than the death of Michael Jackson was the record number of suicides that took place in the following 48 hours of news of his “death”. Never in history has there been more suicides recorded since 1984 when “99 Neuf Balloons” was in the charts. I did a psychology paper in ’91 on how more suicides took place with that 45 found on the record player or directly linked to that song than any other song out there, the second place song linked to thousands of suicides (to this day), is the theme from the Nutcracker.


Anyway, it hit me a week or so ago that around Christmas of this past year, I received an email from a “Michael” (no last name) who asked how Johnny faked his death in my screenplay “The Life and Death of Johnny Kitsalano”. I replied to “Michael” with a pitch on buying the screenplay and then he would find out exactly how Johnny did it successfully (for the record, I at no point thought at that time it was Michael Jackson, I thought someone was just trying to steal my idea). I never got a response back from that email pitch and I never gave it any thought until this past week. I did a detailed search on my hard drive and even on my back-ups looking for that email (and my response) so I could prove that I’m not making this up but in January, I got a virus that made me format my laptop so unfortunately I have no record of these emails. Now I realize there are probably hundreds of “Michaels” living in the world and what are the odds that it was Michael Jackson, but I thought I’d throw it out there as it’s been eating at me -so perhaps that is proof Michael Jackson faked his death. And for the record, this story is free to read about, that should prove the legitimacy, it’s not like I’m trying to sell my story to the media.


Anyway, I do feel bad for those that cared about the guy and even more so for the families and friends of those who took their own lives shortly after his “death” was announced. I have to admit though that it was an honour hearing that some memorials played my song “Until Next Time” which is a fitting song for a funeral and oddly enough, if someone chose to fake their death (available on ITunes & my album “Cutting Room Floor”).




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