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My wife says I spend too much time on things that don’t matter. This is probably one of those things. This is the first time I’ve written a blog, I hate that word (I almost didn’t have this on my website because of that word). I spend hours every day tweaking things that probably don’t need tweaked from the playlists on the iPod, song lyrics, an update on my website or a letter to an industry person that probably won’t even read what is on the paper or perhaps even get in their hands. I am most likely obsessive compulsive with attention deficit disorder which isn’t a good combination and can be quite tough to live with, both for me and my family. If anyone is reading this, you may find it interesting, as I did, that I received a prescription in the mail this week for anti-depressants from someone that heard my new CD, so perhaps you can add depression to my list of unofficially diagnosed disorders.

So after over a decade of work, my new CD is finally available and after all those years I’m starting to think for the first time, does anybody care? I just realized that I’ve invested everything I own and all these years on something I don’t think anybody (except my gut) ever asked me to do. Don’t get me wrong, over the years, I’ve been asked many times “when’s your new CD coming out?” but I think I misunderstood that as “I want you to record a new CD and I can’t wait to pick up a copy”. That’s a pretty big mistake, if it is one.

Maybe when my musical heroes first started out, they were fulfilling a need for the public, but in today’s market, is anybody looking for a “new” recording artist? I hope so. I have to believe that there’s always room for another good song to listen to, but just how does a person get a song really listened to? For my mental health, I have to believe there is a reason I was lead on this path instead of being something like a dentist or lawyer. I could have easily paid for all that education for what I’ve invested in myself in working in the entertainment industry. It’s frustrating because I see friends with “real” jobs that live in beautiful homes and are making six figure incomes and I’m just sliding by with the help of my credit cards. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for all their success and it’s not jealousy at all, I want the best for everyone, it’s just hard not to think if the right path was chosen. I guess time will tell. All this deep thought is another waste of time, and I’m notorious for wasting time, unfortunately.

Looking at my life (and my wife), I can’t complain at all, and I am not complaining, although I am told it’s good to complain because the more you complain the longer God lets you live. I know that I am beyond blessed: I’ve met all my living heroes with the exception of Bob Dylan (although I just saw him in concert last night and it’s hard to tell if he is still a hero or not after that show). I have a book published and for sale at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville among other places around the world, I met the life of my love and married her and we have a son who instantly turned out to be the sunshine of my world. I am signed to a great label and finally released the CD I’ve wanted to for so many years.

So now what? The thing that eats me up is most successful CD projects out there have an enormous budget to purchase advertising, media attention, hire publicists, promote to radio, tour, etc. Unfortunately, our promotional budget is us doing everything which is ok if the CD is actually listened to. Most people don’t realize that the music industry is an enormous Catch 22, unless of course, you have money, lots of it. First off, you can’t get a manager unless you have a record deal, you can’t get a record deal unless you have a manager, you can’t get a distribution deal unless you’re on tour, you can’t go on tour and make a living unless people know who you are, and the list goes on. I guess what keeps me going is that no two recordings artists have the exact story to tell on how they made it and all “rules” in the entertainment industry are broken often. That, and I never listen to what people tell me I can’t do. Perhaps I’ve pursued the music industry to prove someone wrong, I just can’t recall who.

Anyway I don’t know what my point is, or what my point is supposed to be as to be honest with you, I don’t understand the purpose of a blog. Basically, I wrote this just so I had a first blog to post. If you actually read this blog and would be interested in reading another one, drop me an email just to let me know if anyone actually reads these things and what you want me to give a “piece of mind” on. I’m a very opinionated person which may not be good as my wife tells me I lose more of my target audience every time I open my mouth.

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